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Paypal Commission Info by 15DEATH

Hi there :D i open my paypal commission!!
The commission will be in B/W artwork (inking with shading). So please contact me via note/ email :la:

Psycho Pass : Shinya Kougami by 15DEATH  SuraDrian : Water and Earth by 15DEATH  Tourabu Gakuen: Oda Squads by 15DEATH   Tourabu Gakuen: Mitsutada by 15DEATH    Behind the Jail by 15DEATH    Tourabu Gakuen: Date's Squad by 15DEATH  Chain and Candy by 15DEATH  OC: Card Master by 15DEATH  Sucker Punch : Baby Doll by 15DEATH

more samples, in my gallery :la:

:star:I do:star:

  • Complex Background 
  • Fanart 
  • OC 
  • Characters group

 :star:I won't do:star:

  • Nsfw (not safe for works) 
  • Mecha 
  • Furry 
  • Animals (i can do several animals, you can ask me first) 
  • Non human creature



  • Headshot 5$
  • Waist up 10$ 
  • Full Body 25$
  • + complex BG 10$
  • + simple BG 5$ 
  • Double character, double price


:star:HOW TO ORDER:star:

Send me a DeviantArt note or an email to, with the following form:

  • DA username/nickname: -insert your name-
  • Character: -insert some character reference, chara personality (ex: chara sheet or others) and also characters relationship (if you want to commish me multiple charas)-
  • Permission to submit the drawing to my DA gallery: -yes/no-
  • Background : None(transparent) / pattern / simple BG
  • Commission type: -insert the commission type that you want (ex: headshot, waist up / full body)-
  • Additional info (Poses, Expression, Personality comparement, Relationship, etc)
  • If I have agreed to do your commission, I will send you back my Paypal address.


  • Paypal payment
  • First paid, first served. I will start to do your commission after you paid me first
  • My worktime 1-2 week depend on the commission (it will takes longer for multiple chara with complex bg )
  • Please take note that I only accept changes during sketch which I will show you first. After you approve the sketch and I start lining, I won't do anymore changes since i do traditional drawing (Revision max is 2 time)
  • Accept Visual references only, not from descriptions.
  • The image size would be in A5
  • After your commision done, i'll give it to you by or send it to your email.
  • No deadline please, but it's okay if you remind me or asking me about your commission if it takes too long



hi, long time no see in this account :D  i'm back to this account for certain reason :love:

i decide to storage some deviants of mine, rather than delete it to clean my gallery (but i still not sastified tho). and also, i'll open some paypal commission, starting on next month. it's because my tablet was broke, and i need a new one (it also my first try to do some paypal commission). moreover, the commission that i do will be in B/W and in traditional media. so, wait for my update :D 

and thank you for your attention
:iconpapcryplz: this is out of my expectation that i got so many gift art

:iconhnnghplz: Thankyou all........ for everyone who were greeting me and also give me birthday's art gift. i'm so speechless, and dunno what to say anymore..... i'm too excited however my laptop got an "illness" //eh //srap

:bulletblue:CR : HBD Kaito :V by ramlanhidayat ramlanhidayat thankyou so much my huni best friend in ym...... sempet banget ngegambar GA buat gw yang udah dipesen disela2 TA lu :icontearplz: tenang aja, gw bantuin entar bloking de el el nya :iconmegustamuchoplz:

:bulletblue:CR:HBD  Yukito..kai by YCHN YCHN thanks yochin :icontearplz: walau berasa kencan itu LOL

:bulletblue:HBD Kaito by GCCI GCCI :heart: thanks my sweet heart :iconimbishieplz:

:bulletblue:CR: HBD abang Stroberi Modar by PhantomPuppeteer PhantomPuppeteer thankyou my kouhai.... :icontearplz: mari lanjutkan ke-emo-an kita :iconhigh5plz: //plak

:bulletblue:CR:HBdeath! by diamondsion13 diamondsion13 thankyou adriansyah :iconmegustamuchoplz: keeping astronaut :iconcoolplz: //plak

:bulletblue:Happy Birthday Kai-san! by woshh123 woosh123 thankyou my buddieh :iconaawplz: amg.... xhero look so badass there.... //slapp… by ravealie ineeezzz :iconaawplz: thankyooouuu very much..... keeping gossip on twitter okay :iconcoolplz: //eh

:bulletblue:CR : HBD my dear friends by KurosakiSasori-kun KurosakiSasori-kun :iconhnnghplz: thankyou my lovely leader.....… Yukinechii :iconhnnghplz: rere, sankyu my dear...... in your hand xhero look so handsome //slapp

:bulletblue:CR : Happy Birthday 15DEATH by yasumeyukito yasumeyukito :iconasdfghplz: omg, this is so dark this so bloody inside. i love dark art //slapp

:bulletblue:CR: HBD Kaito by Erkaz Erkaz :iconrina-asdfgh-plz: erkaz, yu are awesum as always. love that blood, omg..... //brbjantungan

:bulletblue: LeleponD thankyou lele :icontearplz: now i really think that Xhero and Ouga as twin brother :rofl:

:bulletblue:CR : HBD Kaito by real-armstrom real-armstrom :icontearplz: sankyu real.... //grepereal

:bulletblue::thumb310550308:azureMarin :iconhnnghplz: my Raven... and Yukino..... why look so moe.... made me want to steal them all /eh

:bulletblue:CR Raven by Ardrie Ardrie :iconasdfghplz: :icondurrhurrplz: mah Raven, mah Raven become saaaoooo Moeeeeee, asdfasdfdfsdgfd, thanks Drieee :icontearplz:

:bulletblue:CR : XheRee by Yondita Yondita :iconsrapplz: it has been a year, right!! since i gave you this lineart

:bulletblue:CR: HBD Master Kayang by Rouzille Rouzille :iconomgopenmouthplz: omg, mama Ruru Ujil gave me this!! this!!! this!!! aaaaaa, sankyu Ujill :icontearplz: dan makasih ya buat doa2nya yang epic itu :icondolanplz: //slapp

:bulletblue:CR HABEDE KUR, YASU, CING N BAS by OmMouthuOmMouthu :iconsrapplz: thanks Om, Xhero really looks like fruit ninja assassin there //slapp

:bulletblue:CR: Breaking The Habit by kiku-maru kiku-maru you done it well with Breaking The Habit as his theme song Kiku.... :iconpapcryplz: love it, really really love this :iconcoolplz:… ahoguu :iconpapcryplz: omg, it's...... awesume meski itu mepuz yang diganti warna mata ama rambutnya doang

:new: :new: :new: :new:
:bulletblue::thumb311617791: LauwLin :iconinglipplz: whoa, my Xhero become super cool there, but... but.... why Fauz.... :icony-u-noplz: ga terima gw dia jadi keren //plak

:bulletblue:CR : HBD Kachaaaan by heryhotaru heryhotaru :iconduckyrunplz: thankyouuu ebong-chan yang masih sempet2nya bikin ginian selama 1 jam :icony-u-noplz: disela2 skripshitmu

:bulletblue:CR:Hadiah Ultah by kairikazuCR:HappyBlatedBirthday by kairikazu kairikazu sankyuuhhh kairiii :iconpandarunplz:

:bulletblue:inorita :iconhnnghplz: :icondurrhurrplz: :iconimcryingsomuchplz: *greveh* MY QUEEN,  TAHNKYOU SO MUCH, AJGDHSAGDHSAGAHGDHAGHGHA *totally spechless*

:bulletblue:CR: Happy Belated bday by HarunomizuhimeHarunomizuhime :icontearplz: amg, thankyou

:bulletblue:CR: HBD kakaknyaa by OoshiroSaohimeOoshiroSaohime :iconsrapplz: double attack //eh

once again, thankyou for everyone in Canvas-Ranger chatroom, in FB, in Skype, in YM who was greeting me. oh, and for everyone who were come over at Yesterdays's Gathering, i love you all :iconhoplz: you were sparkling my day :iconsobeautifulplz:

sorry for my bad English :iconimseriousplz:

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